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How to use Cloudflare pointing my domain to Hostgator?

How to point your domain managed by cloudflare to Hostgator?

Maybe you bought a domain from namecheap, then you changed your domain nameservers to cloudflare. And then you want to use hostgator as your website host provider. You don’t want to change the nameservers again because you like cloudflare service and you dont want the hustle of waiting more than a day of propagation.

All you need is the cloudflare dns settings.

First, you need to get your HostGator IP address. You can find it on cPanel down right:

If you can’t find your HostGator IP Address, you can ask them.

Next, login to your cloudflare account. Select your website and then go to DNS:

Click Add record:

Type: A
IP Address: Your hostgator IP address
TTL: Auto

Click Save.

Point your domain to HostGator for Email

Click Add record again and add this record:

Type: MX
IP Address:
Priority: 0
TTL: Auto

Finally, add the last record:

Type: A
IP Address: Your HostGatorIP
TTL: Auto

That’s all, this should work.

This is the final look on my side:

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