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How to run script continuously even when terminal is closed — Ubuntu

The simple way is to use screen. This program is commonly installed on Ubuntu server. If not installed, enter the command below to install screen:

sudo apt-get install screen

How to use screen?

Let’s use the very simple way. Run this command:


You will see the screen version and other information.

Next, press enter. Now you’re in the screen already.

To list all running screen:

screen -ls

You should see something like this:

15686.pts-0.ubuntu  (06/23/2019 03:03:19 PM) (Attached)

15686 = screen number

pts-0.ubuntu = screen title

Now from here you can run any script. Example, I will run my own  bash script.


This script will continue to run even my terminal is close.

How to detached from this screen?

Simply press:

ctrl [hold] a [release] d

How to terminate screen?

If you are attached on the screen, simply press:

ctrl [hold] a [release] [press] k

If you are detached from screen, simply enter this command:

screen -XS [session number] quit


screen -XS [screen title] quit

How to reattach to the session?

To get into the session

screen -r [session id or name]

How to switch between screen?

Ctrl+a press n (Next screen)

Ctrl+a press p (Previous screen)

How to run a script directly on screen with title?

Bash script

screen -dmS screen_title ./


screen -dmS screen_title python3

*The screen_title is the title or name of your screen. Let’s see the currently running screen

Show list of screen

screen -ls

How to use screen on crontab

Using cron, you can schedule a script to run on screen. First, we need to change the file permission of the script. Without proper permission, your script wont run:

chmod +x


chmod +x

Open your cron:

crontab -e

The format should be something like this:

00 00 11 * * screen -dmS title sh ~/
00 00 11 * * screen -dmS title sh /home/user/


00 00 11 * * screen -dmS title python3 ~/
00 00 11 * * screen -dmS title python3 /home/user/

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